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LINKEO NEW-YORK’s websites are designed and built with the client’s business and target market in mind.

Our mission is to take your online presence to a new level.

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Custom Website Long Island

Effective Online Marketing For SMBs

Custom designs, appealing color schemes and concise, to-the-point SEO friendly content are what make our websites the best!

We design and create responsive websites for an extremely diverse clientele, including retail businesses, restaurants, artists, event planners, law firms, dentists, medical centers, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, service providers and many more. It doesn’t matter whether you work alone or run a company with multiple staff members, we have the perfect website to represent your business.

LINKEO NEW-YORK is the best partner you can choose for your online marketing project.

We build responsive websites for a diverse clientele

Custom Website Long Island

The First-Choice Web Agency in New York

We pride ourselves on over 17 years of experience and exceptional service in web creation, SEO, SEM, PPC marketing, and more. Our team works in close partnership with clients, and strives to build strong and lasting relationships.

This allows us to better understand your business and your online marketing goals. You can count on us to design, create, and optimize a website that will increase your business activities and help you earn higher revenues.

LINKEO NEW-YORK’s specialists are available to discuss the latest and most effective options we offer to boost your company’s online presence. Contact us for a consultation.

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  • Latest technologies
  • High-end professionalism and expertise
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